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I would like to know why I tested positive for methadone when I didn’t take it I do have hep C a bad liver

I’ve been getting opiates for fifteen years right after injuring my back again…I now take fifty to 70 mlg methadone and oxcodone for breakthru twenty mlg when require the worst of my symptons is weight gain sweats along with the worst would be the overwhelming worn out feeling during the entrance of my Mind and the closing of my eyes actually weird goals it works perfect for my pain and doesn’t get me loaded or high Anyone else feel in this way thanks

Hey I have already been on methadone for almost 3 months, I am not anxious about what peolpe say about methadone, The main reason is for the reason that when you listen to about men and women dieing on methadone is almost all of the time They are really takeing other drugs with the methadone, I feel if I dont take something with it like xanax, which I was on xanax prior to I began taking methadone… but I'm on 60mg And that i am likely up 5mg, I would like to find out dose methadone make you fail to remember stuff?

now the clinic which i head over to is accepting medicaid only and in addition give paitents a check for gasoline, what i dont understand is why they need take medicaid In case you have medicare. I might like to learn if any individual could make clear to me why That is bc i dont understand what so at any time. many thanks

Um…The rationale is a good deal distinct. Sufferers gain weight b/c methadone makes you Unwanted fat. They dance throughout it at every clinic just about everywhere, but that’s why sufferers gain weight. Probably it’s to maintain you from choosing to become a junkie as opposed to Extra fat. I’ve been tempted to

Do You Need Help With Methadone Addiction? Call (877) 284-9698 NOW

in increased pain, for the reason that hes performing factors he shouldnt. I'm likely to converse with his pain mgmt. dr future pay a visit to, I am aware he wont like it but im trying to aid him and hes hurting himself. its disheartening.

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Hi Deborah. I’d suggest taking your husband to the physician’s to determine the very best and safest program of action.

Sweating…GEEEEZ….the amount I sweat is ridiculous. It does not matter what temperature it's, I'm sweating. I refuse to have on selected shirts now to stay away from demonstrating any damp pit marks. How uncomfortable! Another side result, the lack of interest in sexual intercourse! This just one is a true bummer. Due to the fact starting pain medication 6 a long time ago (Lortab, and Percocet), ANY sexual drive I'd disappeared, so, when I started using Methadone, it actually did not sign up to be a side outcome mainly because that was currently some thing I had been struggling with for a few years, because of Persistent pain and the medications they make for it. In any case, Methadone is a superb medication for A number of people…works for a few, ruins life for others…and that is all There's to say about that Component of the dialogue.

Do You Need Help With Methadone Addiction? Call (877) 284-9698 NOW

Before Methadone I had been linked to lots of drug retail store burglaries and a pair, I don’t even would like to say, of drug merchants. Within two months of starting up Methadone I had a work, my 1 yr old Son and Wife moved again in with me And that i now have designed equity in my life, residence and possessions.

The treatment product inside the U.S. for addiction is EFFEED UP! Stay clear of buprenex-This is a farce! Go to the Dr. you dont genuinely get a overall health care provider up to an agent for giant PHARMA. Smart up truth of the matter seekers, get in the hamster wheel and search for release with ibogaine.

I have endured from a really incredibly very low lobido & sexual disfunction & the result in has to be my 20yr addiction to methadone,even when I tapered right down to 20mg a day I even now endured from sexual disfunction,I'm very curious when I taper absolutely of methadone will my lobido ultimately return? MANY THANX To the REPLY

Even so, individuals don’t create a tolerance to the blocking effects of methadone, this means that after they get to a stable dose, they don't will need to repeatedly boost their dose to be able to continue to keep withdrawal symptoms at bay.

neck movements and head are uncontrollable she’s up and down on her toes. I assume what I’m asking is long term use of methadone does it have an impact on and change or change the Mind or nervous system with the body.

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